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Free Support Options

If you're just starting out, or have specific simple questions, you can find help on the public newsgroups (see our Links page for the Paradox Community link or the old-fashioned newsreader link) and/or the files on our Paradox download page. Most of the common tech support questions are addressed through these sources; you could find answers to your basic questions, and a lot more, without even asking. You can receive quality advise for most common  questions on a same-day basis by posting a clear, informed description of your problem on one of the newsgroups. Many "regulars" check the newsgroup messages over the course of each day. The Paradox community is a very powerful resource.

If your needs are more specialized than the assistance that is available on the newsgroups, please contact us here at Diamond Software. We can provide direct support in a variety of ways, short-term and/or long-term, customized to your individual needs. The costs for support and assistance will vary, depending on the nature and scope of your requirements, but will always include remote access services, e-mail, and phone support.
Click here for details of other Diamond Software Support options

Quick Fix sessions are now available for $50, and include Toll Free phone support, where available in the USA and Canada.


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