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The Quick Fix

If the newsgroups and the resource links didn't provide enough help, perhaps a Quick Fix is in order. Sometimes you need help addressing a single issue, such as an installation problem, or some modifications to a report or query process. Other times, you'll want someone who can field a series of questions on a variety of topics. Or, as they used to say on Monte Python, "and now for something completely different." In any case, we'll try to help. The Quick Fix is essentially an hour of free-form support. The list of topics that have been dealt with, in similar circumstances, over the years, is almost endless. Please call us or e-mail us first, if you aren't sure that the Quick Fix is the right step to take.

Quick Fix sessions are now available for $50, and include Toll Free phone support, where available in the USA and Canada.




Network installation/deployment Current concerns, errors, or problems
Remote access options Multi-user data sharing and locking
Internal and external data security Data control - entry/import/export processes
Backups and disaster planning/recovery Data analysis - queries and reports
Interaction with other programs Table maintenance and error logging strategies
Application replacement strategies Code maintenance and upgrades



Quick Fix support is not guaranteed to be available immediately upon payment, depending on our prior commitments. Please call us or e-mail us first, for scheduling information. 

Quick Fix support is not restricted to a single concurrent session. We aren't going to count the minutes in a strict sense, and cut off the support. We will make every reasonable attempt to solve your problems and/or answer your questions, even if we go over the time limit.
We cannot guarantee the successful resolution of any specific problem within the scope of a Quick Fix session. Occasionally, your problem will be far more complex than you thought. It is also possible that the questions or issues that are raised do not have a valid solution when using the platforms and/or environments that are available.
We aren't placing a "limit one per customer" rule, or anything similar to that, on this support option. However, this option is intended for occasional, short-term assistance, and we reserve the right to limit assistance in this regard, as necessary, on a case-by-case basis.
For South Carolina residents, this option is not subject to Sales Tax.
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The Quick Fix - $50 per session
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The "Add to Cart" buttons above are "instant payment" options using eBay's Paypal program, which allows you to make secure on-line credit card or bank account payments, but you can also make payments by personal/company check, money order, or bank transfer. Checks must clear before services begin and/or product is shipped; all other options will be processed immediately upon receipt and validation of payment. Please call us or e-mail us first, if you have any questions that would help you determine which payment option is the most appropriate one for you.


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