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URL Links Page

An assortment of URL links to specific helpful web pages that are requested in the newsgroups over and over again. These links are usually related to Corel, Borland, Paradox, and the BDE, including Paradox "service patch" links, but I'll post other "goodies" here, too. 

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Recommended Paradox Web Sites

You can click on the URL links and/or the associated pictures and logos

Corel Logo

Corel Corporation Home Page

Paradox is still part of the Word Perfect Professional Suite.

Borland Logo

Borland Corporation Home Page

You no longer find any reference to the BDE, Paradox, or Delphi here.

RDA Logo

RDA WorldWide Home Page

Home of Dennis Santoro, Paradox developer and major newsgroup contributor, with great resources and links pages.

Paradox Community Logo

Paradox Community Support Page

Our "community" home, created by Tony and Liz McGuire, maintained by Larry DiGiovanni - direct access to the support newsgroups and most of the other developers on this page.

Sundial Services ChimneySweep Page

Home of Mike Robinson, creator of ChimneySweep, a premier diagnostic and repair tool for Paradox tables.

Kennedy Software Logo

Kennedy Software Home Page

Home of Michael Kennedy, creator of the Lesspace utility that helped allow PdoxDOS to survive into the 21st century, and long time newsgroup contributor.

ProView Logo

ProView and PxForms Home Page

Home of Vladimir Menkin, creator of ProView (alternative Project Viewer for Paradox) and PxForms (for Paradox web apps). Current support and availability unknown.

Crooit Logo

Crooit Software Home Page

Home of Rick Kelly, long time Paradox developer and newsgroup contributor. Current support and availability unknown.

ABC Amber Logo

ABC Amber Home Page

An outstanding collection of file conversion utilities, including Paradox and other database file formats.

Digico Logo

Digico Home Page

Home of Larry DiGiovanni, long time newsgroup contributor, and resident SQL guru.

Prestwood Software Logo

Prestwood Software Home Page

Mike Prestwood is a long-time Paradox developer and author. His site includes a large amount of information about Paradox, and many other development platforms.

Embarcadero Logo

Embarcadero Home Page

Embarcadero is the home of Delphi and other development technologies.

Bertil's Bug List

Bertil Isberg maintained an extensive and up-to-date list of PdoxWIN bugs and problems for many years. Current support and availability unknown.

Links last updated on 5/26/2014


Recommended Paradox Newsgroups

You can click on the URL links and/or subscribe using your mail browsers' options

cnews.corel.com Corel Newsgroups, for Corel product support (not recommended for Paradox support)
pnews.thedbcommunity.com Paradox Community Newsgroups (independent Paradox support)
comp.databases.paradox general Paradox support forum - subscribe via your Internet provider or thru the Paradox Community Newsgroups server listed above


 Other Stuff Just for Fun 

You can click on the URL links and/or the associated pictures and logos

Wolfgang's Vault Logo

Wolfgang's Vault Home Page

If you love 60's and 70's rock music, and the words "Bill Graham" or "Fillmore" get your attention, this is the most amazing web site you will ever visit.

Cubs Logo

Chicago Cubs Official Home Page

and the entire Major League Baseball site


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