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Maybe all you need is a Sanity Check

What is a Sanity Check, you ask? My friend Kelly says it's when you take a moment in the midst of an ongoing situation, large or small, to step back and take a fresh look at the various issues and objectives that are at hand. Frequently, this presents the opportunity to notice, and act upon, the "little things" that often get overlooked and forgotten in the daily rush from one crisis to another.

Over the years, I've had the good fortune to participate in reviews, analysis, and development of database applications, network strategies, and business plans for clients in a wide range of industries and circumstances. If you are a developer or administrator, and you are still supporting one or more Paradox DOS, Paradox Windows, or other BDE related apps, my Sanity Check package is my offer to take that step back with you. We will review all of your systems and/or mission-critical apps from any and all angles that might be appropriate. My generic approach and experience will help you identify, and act upon, those "little things" that will make you more productive, and more able to control and manage your data environment.




Network installation/deployment Current concerns, errors, or problems
Remote access options Multi-user data sharing and locking
Internal and external data security Data control - entry/import/export processes
Backups and disaster planning/recovery Data analysis - queries and reports
Interaction with other programs Table maintenance and error logging strategies
Application replacement strategies Code maintenance and upgrades


The Sanity Check package covers two full days at YOUR location, at YOUR pace.

The Sanity Check package, with all travel expenses included, will currently cost $2,000 to $4,000, depending on your proximity to the Myrtle Beach SC area, within the continental US.

Optional extended-duration sessions and/or commitments are always welcome.

For South Carolina residents, this option is not subject to Sales Tax.


You will also receive a copy of my Paradox DOS 45Shell application, which has been used as the basis of every Paradox DOS app produced by Diamond Software. This fully-functional app "shell" handles all the basic processes that drive any program - login/security, menus, lookup tables, report control, error logging, an event-driven "wait" routine for data entry, multi-user locking and control, built-in calculator/calendar, and much more. Complete with extensively-commented source code. 45Shell is the ultimate "developers' toolbox" for Paradox DOS, which you can use (or use as a template) to enhance your own apps and programs.

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