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CSI Delphi file list 1278k Aug 07, 2000 List of  files contained in CompuServe Delphi forum library, as of the noted date, in a Paradox 4.x table. The Delphi library also contains Turbo Pascal and Pascal-related files. There are over 5500 files in the library. I do NOT maintain an inventory of these files.
FindIt32 248k Apr 07, 1999 Very powerful and flexible word search tool. Includes support for Paradox DOS .sc files and Delphi .pas files.

FindIt32 Screen Shot

Remlok32 202k Mar 02, 1999 Deletes .lck and .net files and Paradox/BDE-specific private files on specified drives. Also shows the .net file that every .lck file is pointing to. Added .txt file Mar 15, 2003.

Remlok32 Screen Shot


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