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Senator John McCain

Applewood Pancake House - Pawley's Island SC

January 11, 2008


I saw Senator McCain the morning after the Republican Debate, as he resumed his bus tour of South Carolina, at a popular breakfast house, in a shopping center in Georgetown County. The place was packed, and actually getting seated to eat, an hour before the Senator was scheduled to arrive, was a task in itself. Eventually, I was seated at a corner table with two members of one of the traveling camera crews, and I had a great time "talking politics" and "road trips" with them. They were from Miami (one guy is a Florida native), and had just spent a week in New Hampshire, where it had dropped to 14 below zero one morning.


Senator McCain gave a great speech about health care, Iraq and other military issues, taxes, and the economy, to a very enthusiastic audience. I didn't have an opportunity to talk to him, but I did get to shake his hand, and get an autograph. The crowd, and the media, surrounding him was amazing.

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and several local politicians accompanied Senator McCain that day.

Senator McCain addresses a large crowd at the Applewood Pancake House. In the last picture above, he is totally surrounded by supporters and the media, as he attempts to work his way thru the crowd, to the door. If you can't find Senator McCain in this picture, look just below and to the left of the hand-held McCain sign in the middle of the picture.

Senator McCain works his way thru the crowd outside the Applewood Pancake House. Can't find him in the second picture above? Find the lady on the left-hand side, in light green, with her hands over her head (she's holding up a camera phone, to snap a photo). Senator McCain can be seen just above her hands.

Once again, look for the lady in the light-green outfit. This time, she's on the right side of the picture, still clicking away with her camera phone. You can see Senator McCain's head just to the left of her left hand, surrounded by camera crews and reporters.

Having finally escaped the mass of humanity that surrounded him, Senator McCain waves to the crowd before getting on his bus, to leave for the next campaign stop.

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