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Dickens Christmas Show - November 13-16, 2008
Two views of our booth at the show.
Exhibitors Richard and Suzanne Geiss, in front of their booth (left). Me, with my son Jesse, building a Lego house (right).
Another view of our booth, and the three Lego houses that we built for the free drawing at the show.
Several dozen wreathes were auctioned off for the Festival of Wreathes charity event (left). Detail from the History of Santa Claus display (right).
A gingerbread scene from the auction (left). Many local businesses created trees for the Festival of Trees charity auction (right).
An exhibitor takes a few minutes to relax (left). A scene from the classic Punch and Judy puppet show (right).
Exhibitors tending to their wares at the show.
A gingerbread birdhouse from the auction (left). Left to right - me, my daughter Jaime, and my wife Deanna (right).
Exhibitors displaying their wares at the show.


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